Medicare For All

The issue of universal healthcare has been a pressing issue within Michigan. We have some of the best healthcare in America. Sadly, it has become a class system when you try to get a appointment or emergency care and have to go into debt to get lifesaving care.

My goal with Michigan is to find a way to reduce the number of uninsured from 8.1 percent (reported in 2014) to zero. It is the state's job to find a way to help these uninsured get the life saving healthcare without going into years of debt just to get something that they need.

A Further goal I have for Michigan is to fight against rising healthcare costs and medication prices; helping the people of Michigan get access to life saving prescriptions that have their prices blown out of proportion.


We need to increase our funding and how we approach education. There is a need to increase funding to under preforming schools and do audits to see why they are not preforming well. If it is a issue of funding, then increase funding so they can upgrade their facility and infrastructure. Improving buildings and conditions a student can learn in can vastly improve their schooling.

Our system needs to move from test based learning to more of a evolved learning experience. As schools are handled now, they only prepare a student for the next big test and do not prepare them to learn and understand their material. We need to look into other systems of learning and take from them systems that can improve the school lives of the students.

I will fight to get teachers a better salary and help them get the proper materials they need to maximize the effectiveness of the material so the students can learn better. I will also try to help the environment the teachers teach and learn in. 

I will seek to make changes to how we fund and handle special education. We need a separate fund in schools that is dedicated to expanding and funding the special education section. I will also fight to make a special commission who is tasked to finding what programs in Michigan have worked and what needs to be improved upon. They will compile the data and put forth guidelines that teachers in Michigan can look to and see what changes can they make to make their program better. 


Base infrastructure in Michigan is crumbling and ineffective. We received a D+ rating this year based on our roads alone. One way we can reinvest in our base infrastructure is eliminating tax breaks for large corperations and closing loopholes within the tax code. Closing these loops and reinvesting the additional income generated by doing such in the short term to fix our roads would not only help Michigan but help employ people.

Finding ways to improve other forms of infrastructure is another goal of mine. The Soo Lochs are in a state of disrepair. One is completely non usable, one is almost ready to fail, while the third is close to being in similar condition. We have to find a way to repair and rebuild these iconic and needed landmark in Michigan to keep them in the hearts and minds of the Michiganders of the upper peninsula. 

Cutting tax breaks to large corporations  and putting them towards small businesses would increase their size and make them stronger forces in their community's. Small businesses are offered little in compared to large corporations and have suffered because of it. On average a large corporations will offer little in the ways of jobs when it comes to the community itself. We have to end corporate welfare in Michigan. It is a unnecessary drain on our economy.  I would propose a voucher program for any further welfare given by Michigan. vouchers that can only be redeemed in Michigan and only to small businesses if this form of welfare is continued and shame any Michigan Senator that supports giving large businesses something for nothing.

Further touching on improving infrastructure, we need to increase our minimum wage to a living and sustainable living wage. Time and time again we see large businesses complain and go under because of one irrefutable issue: people can no longer afford their services. To stimulate and invigorate Michigan's economy we need to provide the minimum wage worker and workers who work close to minimum wage an increase so they can afford services they need and desire. There will be a time where the big businesses will die out because of their greed. I hope this day comes soon so small businesses can replace them and the power can return to the workers.

To better represent the workers and the better infrastructure, we need good organizations to represent them. That is why I am 100% behind labor unions. In my first year in Lansing, I will work hard to bring many changes to Michigan. Chief among them will be a full repeal of the "right to work" legislation that has plagued and harmed our Michigan workers.


Being The Change

Among all the things I will work on and accomplish while representing the people of the 28th district will be accountability. I will work hard to bring trust back into the office of senator; not only for the people of the 28th District, but for all of Michigan.

I will report every vote that I make to the people of my district. I will also expose and call out any senator who votes against the best interest of the citizens of Michigan. If they support billionaires and millionaires getting higher tax breaks for nothing, then I will make it known to their voters that they no longer support and work for them. I will work to make full financial disclosure part of not just running for office, but keeping office in Michigan. I will do this by releasing my tax returns every year so all know who I work for, and do so for all income.

I will work hard to force all senators and candidates to have to follow suit. Even if I cannot get legislation passed to this effect I will still lead by example. I will still release my returns and my filings so the people of Michigan can pressure their Senators and Representatives to follow in my example.