Throughout his life Ryan has been on many paths. Seen and experienced many things. All of which have drove him to do greater things in life.


Ryan is a current student at Grand Rapids Community College. Majoring in Political Science with the goal of becoming a teacher. He works within GRCC as a Student Leader within the Student Alliance where he represents the Foreign Affairs Club of GRCC. He is a local activist that has spoken in front of the Grand Rapids City Commissioners on many occasions speaking on issues affecting not only Grand Rapids, but issues that Grand Rapids has caused in Kent County.

Community college

Within Grand Rapids community college Ryan is a leader. Current president of the GRCC Foreign Affairs club he has lead his club to preform well within national and local collegiate level debate on international affairs. His work with GRCC and his foreign affairs has prepared him to come up with inventive policy and law designs to be implemented within Michigan.

personal life

Ryan is running to become your voice in state senate because he came from a single family home where his mother a AT&T worker raised him in many different environments but always kept positive. Moving from his Father after an incident with physical abuse his Mother moved him into  her mothers home in Byron Center. His life has been a solidly middle class upbringing where his mother and grandmother taught him that you have to work and have to fight for your place in the world. His Mother and Grandmother both taught him the value of honor and that the world no longer values honor. He lived in Byron Center and attended Newhall Middle School until his advancement into the 9th grade where he began the second half and ultimately hardest part of his life.

His moving into the Detroit area had a effect on him that to this day stays with him. He saw what the world truly is and what the people of Michigan go through on a daily basis. He saw what poverty can do to a persons soul. His Mother was beside him through all of this, guiding him and sharing his pain. Showing him that what people in this world need the most is love and respect. They needed honor put back into their lives. She taught him to be the change he wished to see in the world.

He lived in Detroit with his mother and great grandmother until the age of 18 when his Great Grandmother suffered a fall and had to be moved back into Byron Center with his grandmother. He stayed in the Detroit area with his mother to take care and to help as much as he could.

His high school life was difficult. Studying culinary arts with the aspiration to own his own restaurant was his only goal in life, but things changed for him. A man with the Goal of separating his Mother from her money offered to sell her a home that was not fit for living in. In 8 months he went from living in a home with his Mother, to living in a hotel with her. His Mothers credit had a hit to it from a previous renter in it that made it impossible to move into an apartment.

In the hotel he and his mother stayed, for 4 years he lived there and learned. He saw what homelessness can do to people. He used his skills and made friends with everyone he came into contact to. He learned their stories and learned what the system did to them. Veterans, people with disabilities and people with criminal records who just try to survive. He saw what the system had done with them. His Mother told him that they needed someone to fight for them, But politics is a system that used to fight for people and it had forgotten that fact.

When he was 23 his mother took out a loan out of her 401k and bought a home and a car. He stayed with his mom to help her out while trying to get his life in order. Still without a high school diploma he went day to day trying to fix himself and keep his mothers home in order.  In 2014 a year after they had moved to their new home his life changed completely. His Mother had gotten sick and he had placed her in a hospital. In the hospital they informed them that she had gall stones and was causing her illness. his mother stayed in the hospital for a month and returned home with her. She stayed home for 3 days until she got worse.

He took his mother to another hospital due to distrust of the previous one. In this one they found his Mother had a infected kidney stone and a fluid around her kidney. They found out the next day the fluid was from cancer. When the hospital went in to find more about the cancer they found she had stage four colon cancer. His life was turned upside down, for two months he watched and stood beside his mother. A woman who taught him everything about love and caring for people. She died on march 17th, 2014. His world had been taken from him.

His life took him back to his home town of Grand Rapids. Finishing his high school diploma at Bekwith Adult Education and receiving his full diploma he went right into grand rapids community college. His first day of college a teacher named Keith St. Clair said he had a club that was meeting right after class. Ryan knowing nothing of school just yet had decided to check it out. He went to his first meeting of the Foreign affairs club and fell in love with it. Being elected to vice president his first year had propelled him into leadership.

His work with the Foreign affairs club had taught him true leadership is someone that you can look to in good times and bad. Coupled with his teachings from his mother it drove him to become someone that you could see as a leader. That if you stumble he would be right next to you helping you up. He took this value into GRCC and became a student leader.

In November 2016, a day after the election of Trump he received two phone calls that would touch his heart and push him into becoming something better. Two friends he loved had called him with fear in their voices. Fear because they where afraid of what trump would do to them because their gender was not the one they were born with. He assured them that things will be ok but in the back of his mind he was scared to. He heard his mother in his mind reminding him that in order to protect his friends and family he had to change the thing that they where afraid of.

He had decided to run for office. He had decided to run for state senate so he can make sure nobody had to cry because of some know nothing in Lansing making their lives difficult. So nobody had to watch their friends and family suffer. He decided to be the change that he wished to see in our government and force the government to change to better suit the people and not some fat rich person who only cares about themselves.

on a lighter note

Ryan is a avid gamer. He can often be found on GRCC at the student gamer club playing Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons when not in Foreign Affairs. He goes on walks often and is a lover of books. Reading fantasy and science fiction books.


Ryan is a spiritual person while not being religious. He believes that all religions are equal and should always do good. While also believing that someone should do good for the sake of doing good, and not for a reward.



Ryan's achievements and background

  • President of Foreign Affairs at GRCC

  • Parliamentarian for the Model Arab Leagues social council, three years

  • Member of GRCC Student Alliance